Academia de música ilusión

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Academia de música Ilusión performs traditional Mexican music complemented with American and other countries' music. We are a mixed group of professional musicians and students. Our music teachers have their own mariachi band. Our Academia de música Ilusión has performed at local festivals, fundraising events, Henry Mello Center theater, Migrant State Parent Conference at San Francisco City, etc. Our goal is to create an in-depth music experience between the artists, students, teachers and general audience and integrate music into a classroom curriculum. We also like to foster the children's own creativity and a lasting love for music. Another specific goal is to enrich the lives of our students (audience) by providing a multifaceted and specialized Mexican cultural music education. We accomplish this through engaging students with professional musicians. Our audiences participate at their own pace and we offer them a rich experience through the synergy of music. Studies have shown that children who listen, play, sing and study music excel academically, and develop attention, memory, and auditory skills. We engage the audience in our music program and at the end the audience will value music as an essential component of our feelings.


School Performance/Assembly

1 performance: $700

Grades: K-6

Students will play a song while inviting the audience to move to the music including clapping, patting their knees, moving their head with the tempo, etc. We teach basic Spanish-language words related to music performance including musical instruments, rhythm, etc.


Hourly rate: $700.00 (fee negotiable)

Requirements: Classroom, multipurpose

Academia de música Ilusión offers classes in guitar, violin, keyboard, bass, and drums. We specialize in Mariachi instruments, but we can offer other musical instruments whenever we have the appropriate instructor, and a minimum of 4 students. Our classes consist of one hour of practice in the students' preferred instrument, and a half hour of musical ensemble and singing.

We address the following California Content Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts

1.0 Artistic Perception

1.2 Identify the sources of a wide variety of sounds

1.3 Use body movement to respond to dynamics and tempo

2.00 Creative Expression

2.1 Move or use body percussion to demonstrate awareness of beat and tempo

2.2 Use the voice to speak, chant, and sing

3.00 Historical and Cultural Context

3.1 Use a personal vocabulary to describe music from diverse cultures.

3.2 Use developmentally appropriate movements in responding to music from various genres and periods (rhythm)

4.00 Aesthetic Valuing

4.1 Create movements in response to music

4.2 Participate freely in musical activities