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Aliza Heckert received a BA in art from UCSC with a focus in painting and a secondary focus of History of Art and Visual Culture. She is an exhibiting artist and has shown her work in local business venues, as well as a solo show at the Red Dot Gallery and various shows at the Santa Cruz Mountain Arts Center. Her teaching experience spans from preschool to 6th grade, and she has been teaching for 11 years. She has taught at the Santa Cruz Forest School, Valencia Elementary after school program, and Monarch Elementary all with the focus of providing age appropriate art education. She is a passionate teacher and specializes in providing standards based art concepts in a way that is fun and engaging to all kinds of learners. She uses a strength based approach to learning which celebrates all abilities, enthusiasms, cultures, and identities. Aliza supports her students to explore their unique expression in an organized, kind, and growth oriented environment.


My Place in the World

This workshop provides learners with an opportunity for self reflection and exploration of identity in a social context. Students work with self portraits and portraits of others using

inspiration from contemporary and historical artists. Projects will explore family, culture, friends, customs and traditions, and values of a world community. Content standards for visual arts are met within the context of figurative art, and class can be tailored to language arts curriculum.


Fees: $50/hr

Grade level: K-8

Requires: Classroom, Sink, Drying Area

Available for after school