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Camilla Henneman is an Educator/Artist/Puppeteer. She has been creating costumes, creatures and puppets since she was a student herself. Camilla holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Multiple Subject/Drama teaching credential. She also has a B.A. in Theater Arts and a degree in fashion design. Camilla taught through Spectra from 1999 to 2005. She taught art and multiple subjects in Monterey from 2007-2019. Prior to her teaching career, Camilla had a 20-year career in creating creatures and specialty costumes for the film industry. Her work is seen in Ghostbusters 2, George of the Jungle, Harry and the Hendersons, Dumbo’s Flying Circus, Gorillas in the Mist, Shrek, and Captain EO. Camilla is also currently a featured artist in Open Studios where she exhibits her fiber arts work.


Telling your story with puppets

Grades:K-8 Fees*: Hourly rates: $40 Requirements: Basic classroom, Students should have scissors, lead pencils and crayons or markers. Brief Program Description and Learning Goals: In this workshop students will design and create puppets and puppet stages. They will learn puppetry performance techniques and practice them with each other. Students will learn about the history of puppetry and how different cultures use puppetry for education, and cultural events. The goal of this workshop is to introduce students and teachers to styles of puppetry that they can use to create a show, do a report or tell a story. I offer several styles of puppetry instruction including hand puppets, shadow puppets, rod puppets, popup book stages, toy theater and crankie (scenes on a scroll) theaters. Teachers can choose what puppetry styles they would like to explore and I will design a workshop that encompasses the areas of puppetry that they would like to have their students learn. California Visual Arts Standards addressed: VAPA TH CR 1.1.3 Create roles, imagined worlds and improvised stories in a drama/theater work VAPA TH CN11.2.3. Explore how stories are adapted from literature to drama/theater work VAPA TH CN 10.1.1. Identify character emotions in a dramatic performance and relate it to personal experience