Helene Haynes-Stakem


Helene has been a SPECTRA artist since 1990 who has traveled extensively across Europe, Asia and North Africa, and researched dance and music in Egypt and Morocco. She is an international dance teacher, performer and choreographer and has been a producer of music and dance shows, events and festivals locally for over thirty years. In 2002 Helene was a recipient of The Gail Rich Award for her significant contribution to the arts in Santa Cruz County. She is currently writing her autobiography titled Dance to Heal and continues her mission to help create bridges of interest and appreciation of other cultures.


A Live Music and Dance Journey Along the Romany Trail to Egypt

Helene and members of The Sisters of the Desert Sky Dance Company take you on a magic carpet ride, tracing the steps of nomadic tribes from North West India to the banks of the Nile in southern Egypt. This performance also includes storytelling and a general knowledge quiz for the students on the geography, history, language, and life styles of the people.

David and Natasha Feldthouse and Trianna Feruza continue the musical legacy of their family patriarch Soleman El Coyote of the legendary Sirocco band with Uncle Mafufo, sharing their passion for the music, songs and dance of the Romany people, and the folk culture of the very different countries they passed through over the centuries on their journey west.


Fees: $35 minutes- $475 / 55 minutes- $800 - with drummer (Negotiable)

Grade level: K-6

Requires: Multipurpose room, gym, auditorium, outdoor setting, or large classroom