Nessa Ledesma

Teaching Artist


Venessa Ledesma is a bilingual Art Teaching Artist with Mariposa's Art. Ms. Ledesma has worked with the program for 3 months and is passionate about inspiring youth in the community to utilize art as an outlet. Since 2009 she has been involved with several community organizations; such as the Watsonville Brown Berets, Community Bridges, Community Life Services, Community Mural Project and Watsonville Paint night, where she participated/co-facilitated all age art workshops and events. Although creating art has always been apart of Ms. Ledesma life, she began showing her work professionally in 2014. Her paintings and jewelry have since been exhibited at the the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery, Second Street Cafe and Local craft fairs. Ms. Ledesma has painted Murals for non-profits, such as Creative Young Artists and Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes.