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Arts Education Advocacy

Arts Education Advocacy

Photo: Crystal Birns

Why Engage in Arts Education Advocacy

The State of California requires arts education in all K-12 schools. But too often, lack of funding and budget cuts make it difficult to offer.

There’s a gap between the inspiring educational experience we want our students to have and the day-to-day reality of what happens in their classrooms. Very few of the 40,000+ students in Santa Cruz County receive consistent arts education.

That’s where advocacy comes in. We partner with local educators and schools to find opportunities to bring in funding, and support schools in building and sustaining arts education programs.

Become an arts education advocate and help awaken the full potential of Santa Cruz County’s students.


Benefits of the Arts in Public Education

Art teaches children about cultures and communities around the world.

Art develops creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

Art helps children develop empathy, self-confidence, and self-control.

Art keeps kids in school and engaged in learning.

Arts education has a positive impact on graduation rates.

Art students perform better in math, reading, and writing.

As a long time teacher I have continually had the pleasure of witnessing the JOY, self-esteem, and community bonding that arts education inspires.

Muffie MillerRetired educator and arts education advocate
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