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Teaching Artists

Apply To Become a Teaching Artist
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Why Be a Teaching Artist?

Accepting applications through March 15, 2024

Inspire a kid. Make someone’s day a little more colorful. Build relationships. Make a difference in classrooms across Santa Cruz County. Join dozens of other local artists and bring your artistic talents to teachers, classrooms, and after-school programs.

The role of Arts Council Santa Cruz County is to connect teaching artists with dozens of schools and organizations across the county every year. We bring teachers and school leaders together to bring new and returning artists into their classrooms.

We pair classroom teachers with SPECTRA teaching artists to bring dance, music, theatre, and visual arts to classrooms. Together, they work to integrate the arts into subjects such as ELD, math, science, and history.

The Mariposa Arts after-school programs bring visual art, music, dance and theatre to 2,000+ students in schools that have little or no funding for the arts in classrooms during school hours.

An intergenerational model, Mariposa Arts high school students and teaching artists work together to co-teach lessons to elementary and middle school students. Mentored by professional artists, the high school students become leaders and role models. For many students, their resume starts with their Mariposa Arts job.

The program is the basis for the Pajaro Valley Unified School District’s after-school curriculum in science, physical education, and more.

Become a Teaching Artist

Teaching artists are connected to the extensive Arts Council Santa Cruz County network.

Teaching Artist Directory

Check out the Teaching Artist Directory to discover current artists turning classrooms into creative spaces.

Happening Now

New Release: Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 Study

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Economic and Social Impact of $68 million Nonprofit Arts and Culture Sector in Santa Cruz County

I find Mariposa Arts helpful because it gives me confidence in myself and it gives me a chance to speak my opinions and be expressive in my art.

OliviaMariposa Arts Student, Age 11