Josefina Rocha

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Josefina Rocha Vega is an artist from Watsonville, California who received her BFA degree in Fine Arts Practice with an emphasis in oil painting at California State University East Bay. Her work stems from the inspiration of compassion for others and takes an interest in themes that depict her fascination with the intangible complexities of people, such as vulnerability, honesty, wonder, intimacy, empathy, kindness - all the while exploring their interconnectivity. She strives to weave these concepts by portraying them as an act of giving through her art practice. She has been a continuous participating member of a number of community-oriented service organizations, such as food justice advocacy with Food What?!, mentoring high school and middle school students with the Junior Youth Empowerment Program, as well as having served as President for California State University East Bay’s Circle K International’s organization and currently serving as their Media Relations chair, as well as Creative Assistant for CNH’s Golden Gate Division. Locally, she has recently co-hosted a series of four painting workshops for families in Watsonville called Pintando Verduras (Painting Produce) in partnership with Esperanza Community Farms. Internationally, she has hosted a number of arts & crafts portions for American International Day in South Korea for an estimated 15 children with special needs at Keimyung University in Daegu in the year 2018. In essence, Josefina seeks learning opportunities that bring about fruitful experiences and strives to provide the same for the individuals she crosses paths with.


Painting Mindfully


Fees: $40/hr plus materials

Requirements: Additional fees, water/sink source, chalk/white board

"Painting Mindfully" In this class, students will have the opportunity to create paintings based on a variety of quotes/cultural passages and affirmations reflected on at the beginning of class. This will allow students to connect with their inner voice and creativity while learning foundational art skills that allows them to create a different painting each class. This class will also aid in developing their art’s intent through the creation’s process while delving into their thought process as well. At the end of every class, there will be a designated time for a reflection walk around everyone’s work and a small discussion on the quote/passage we’ve read, connecting initial ideas/thoughts and artwork together. This is meant to be a fun and insightful experience in which students will be able to have a safe space to learn, discover, be themselves, and create to their heart’s intent.

We will be pulling lessons learned through the understanding goals that the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM) bring about. SHoM is used as an entry point for learning more about one’s own capabilities based on their own personal choices and as a result learn new techniques all the while learning these habits that can also be applied to all disciplines and ultimately be applied to their own lives as well. Students will learn to apply the bases of art learning such as artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic valuing to art practices and artwork from a self-discovery and personal perspective.