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Our program brings a highly qualified teaching artist to engage your students by bridging the gap between Shakespeare's work and a modern context through the lens of specific social justice topics. We will encourage students to make connections between the plays and their own lives through guided discussions and activities, in order to make Shakespeare more relatable and allow them to better understand the language through practice. We will also focus on the broader impact of production specific choices through exploration of professionally performed and recorded scenes from Shakespeare's plays.


Shakespeare and Social Justice

The main goal of our Shakespeare and Social Justice workshops and/or residencies is to complement the teaching of the works of the Bard by incorporating supplemental topics with a laser focus on social justice. Our goal is to empower students to take Shakespeare “off of his pedestal” and feel confident in amplifying their connections and contributions as they relate to his works. We aim to do this but using rehearsal style exercises and analysis with the possible addition of interactive performance with professional actors. CA VAPA Standards Addressed: 7 – Perceive and analyze artistic work 8 – Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work 10 – Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art 11 – Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding Details: Fees: Workshop/Residency Program Fees: $600 for 50 minute lesson. Discount for consecutive workshop/residency. Price negotiable. Can include actors/performance for additional fee. Grade level: K-12 Requires: In-classroom, room to move around Available for after school